Milli Vaginal Dilator

Freedom from Painful Sex

Milli is an innovative vaginal dilator that expands gradually and gently a millimeter at a time. 9 out of 10 survey respondents prefer Milli’s experience to static dilators’.

Tested Design

Milli has been developed by biomedical engineers in conjunction with a panel of medical experts in women’s pelvic health. Our Scientific Advisory Board has helped guide the design specifications of Milli based on feedback from scores of women who have tested the device in clinical settings.

Our priority is to deliver a safe, effective and comfortable vaginal training tool that helps women to execute their recommended treatment plan, with ease.

The most gradual dilation possible

Milli is the first vibrating vaginal dilator to expand in millimeters. Women can expand Milli just one millimeter at a time, giving you the control to tune into your own body’s dynamic needs.

  • MM Expansion

    Set the target dilation in millimeters and feel the device expand one millimeter at a time

  • Easy To Clean

    Soap & water is all it takes to clean the wand after each use

  • Soft Covering

    Smooth, soft silicone provides comfortable contact with your skin

  • Charges In Case

    Place Milli in its case to discreetly recharge the device

Women Are Experiencing The Power Of Gradual Dilation


9 Out of 10 Women Prefer Milli

Milli exceeded my expectations because there are so many more levels in it than with a typical, fixed-size dilator. I appreciate that because I have been able to go at my own pace. I don’t have to move to the next level until I feel ready, and I can vary the diameter I reach depending on how my body feels on any given day.

I have gotten really positive results with Milli. Without Milli and its gradual dilation I would not have been given the green light to have sex with my partner.

Kelsey, age 27

Journey Map For Vaginal Dilator Users

The journey that each woman undergoes to recover her vaginal health is unique; however, we have found that most women experience the steps outlined below.

  1. Experience

  2. Find

  3. Learn
    Treatment Plan

  4. Purchase

  5. Enact
    Treatment Plan

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