“Milli is a breakthrough device offering a gradual and effective dilation experience.”

– Stephanie Prendergast: pelvic floor physical therapist, co-founder of the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center and past President of the International Pelvic Pain Society





Product Specifications

  • Wand Dimensions

    The Milli device length is 10.5 cm to allow for variable depth, and to enable the wand to remain comfortably in place

  • Min : Max Dilation

    Closed, the Milli device is 15 mm (1.5 cm) in diameter. Fully expanded, the dilator is 40 mm (4 cm) in diameter

  • Durable Silicone

    Soft silicone covering allows for easy insertion, comfortable dilation and thorough cleaning throughout the lifetime of the device

  • Optional Vibration

    On-demand vibration can help ease insertion, and muscle relaxation during use


I look at Milli like having my own physical therapist at home. And I can have it forever, and do it myself.

I love the concept that any time I have a spasm or pain, I now look forward to using my dilator. Having Milli is like having my own therapist at home..I keep gently expanding it and it helps stretch the muscles in a way that other dilators cannot…I can’t live without it now. I have become so dependent on it and am so grateful it exists.

Dina, age 30

Revolutionary Technology: Insert Then Expand

For the first time with a dilation device, women can let their bodies dictate how gradually they expand Milli. Women insert the device when it is closed, and then control the wand expansion one millimeter at a time. In this way. the dilation therapy is more attuned to a woman’s anatomy and how she feels.

Gradual Dilation Creates Confidence

Because dilation is changed in millimeters and not centimeters, women can set the device to the diameter that is right for their bodies each time they use Milli. More gradual dilation enables less pain, and women are more confident in their ability to execute their clinically recommended dilation therapy. This may be why 9 out of 10 women surveyed prefer Milli to static dilators.

The women who have used Milli report that they stick with their recommended therapy and are not worried about pain the way they were with static, plastic dilators because they insert Milli at its smallest diameter every time.

Scientific Advisory Board

Experts In Women’s Pelvic Health

  • Alyssa Dwek
    MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Mount Kisco Medical Group, New York

  • Susan Kellogg
    PhD; Director of Female Sexual Medicine at the Center for Pelvic Medicine in Pennsylvania

  • Sheryl A. Kingsberg
    PhD; Chief, Division of Behavioral Medicine, Department of OB/GYN at Case Western University

  • Michael Krychman
    MD; Gynecology and Executive Director: The Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship, California

  • Stephanie Prendergast
    RN, MPT; Founder and Practitioner at Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Centers: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Boston

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