Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions Milli users frequently ask.


How do I know Milli is charged or charging?

Milli will flash with “Ch” when low on charge. Place Milli in its case and ensure the charging cord is plugged into the wall. An orange light from the case will indicate Milli is charging. A full charge occurs once the case has a green light and Milli no longer displays “Ch”.

How long will Milli operate after a full charge?

Fully charged, Milli will operate for approximately 3-5 hours. We recommend charging Milli after each use. It should take approximately two hours to fully charge Milli.



What are travel restrictions with Milli?

Milli is within TSA guidelines for a carry-on object. When traveling outside the USA, you may need to use an adaptor to charge Milli. Milli is designed to be used with outlets up to 240 volts.


Cleaning Milli

How do I clean Milli?

Milli is covered with a water resistant silicone. Soap and water should be used on silicone. We recommend cleaning Milli after each use. Also, Milli is not waterproof. Therefore, please do not submerge Milli under water.



What is the return policy for Milli?

We want you to be fully satisfied with Milli. If you find within 30 days of purchase that you are not satisfied, you can return Milli for a full refund.

Does Milli have a warranty?

Milli comes with a 1-year worldwide manufacturing warranty. If you discover a defect and notify us during the warranty period, your Milli is covered to the warranty terms. Additional warranty and quality guarantee terms can be found at:



Can I use lubricants with Milli?

If using lubricants, we recommend water-based lubricants. Milli uses a silicone polymer to its coating, which means you cannot use a silicone-based lubricant with Milli. View the variety of water-based lubricants that Milli recommends at:

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