We Are Experts In Female Pelvic Anatomy

Our company’s purpose is to help women achieve, and maintain, good pelvic health.

We have combined clinical expertise, technological innovation and considered design to offer a pelvic training tool that is more gentle and comfortable than anything else available today..

For years, we have tested gradual dilation techniques in a clinical setting with the input and oversight of our experienced Scientific Advisory Board. From that, we honed the design of Milli to be gentle when it comes into contact with your body, yet strong in its ability to gradually dilate vaginal tissue.

Milli is the outcome of years of research and development which began at Stanford University’s Biodesign program, and continues as part of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation in Silicon Valley. It is the second women’s pelvic health product developed by Materna Medical.

  • Mark Juravic

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mark Juravic is one of the founders of Materna Medical, and has over 16 years of experience of medical device industry in project management roles. He has a Masters in Bioengineering from UCSD.

  • Kerry O’Connor

    Chief Customer Officer

    Kerry O’Connor has practiced design for over a decade. She has degrees in Anthropology from Boston University and a MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. She is a co-founder of Materna Medical and is proud to create innovative products that women deserve.


  • Mike Stewart

    Chief Technologist

    Mike Stewart is an expert device designer with nearly 20 years of experience designing devices for cardiac surgery and women’s health. Mike is behind the engineering design of the Milli device.